Making a Colt Router Base

My wife's father gave me an old sign making kit that used to be her grandfathers. Until recently, I'd forgotten I had it. I'd put it away unused because at the time I didn't own any router bushings and the ones that came with the kit were for some old Craftsman router.

When I bought my Colt, I remembered that I had it. I thought playing around with the sign making kit would be a good test for the router. Unfortunately the Porter Cable style router bushings I had acquired since coming into possession of the kit don't work with the standard base, so I made my own base.

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Tags: Bosch, Menards

Materials: plexiglas

Tools: Colt, drill press, Forstner, router, router bushings


Jeff's picture

I need a new router base plate. I saw one in Wood magazine that was home made and had a handle on one end - looked sort of like yours. I think it would offer better control in a number of routing situations.