A Finished Hole

When I punched through the opposite side on the drill drill my insert under the drill bit didn't supply enough support to prevent the metal from forming a burr. Looks like it's time to replace the insert.

Not wanting to muck up the finish with a flat file which would have been easier, I resorted to cleaning the burr with a rounded file.


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You'll want to pick up a deburring tool next time you're at Harbour Freight, like so:


You can also use a 45 deg. carbide countersink bit. Or what I often do is use a drill bit much larger than the hole you want to deburr (in this case, maybe 3/4" depending on the bevel you want on the edge of the hole), and just skim off the lip of the hole.

Did you use cutting oil?

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I've been meaning to pick up a deburring tool at some point. Every time I remember I'm looking for one, the store I'm at doesn't carry it. Good tip about the carbide countersink, I have seen those around.

Actually I didn't use any cutting, oil, the steel was pretty soft and maybe only 1/16" thick. I was through each wall in maybe two seconds.

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Heh, it took me a few years to remember to buy one, too.
I find the ones with the little swivelling curved blade are the most handy, because they're good for removing burrs on straight edges and outside curves, too. Fantastic for aluminum work.