Creating a Male Connector

Since you're not just making a train track with one big loop, sometimes you need special pieces. In my first go at crating wooden train track I created a piece with two female connectors because that was the exact piece we needed to finish a track layout. Other times you end up needing to connect two female ends together and you need a male-male track connector. The Imaginarium tracks did come with one male-male track connector piece, but with the roundhouse only having female connections, sometimes you need more.

I previously stated there are two options for making male ends: buy a plastic piece like some of the track pieces used, or actually cut the male end out of the piece of track. I came up with another simple option using only 1/2" and 1/4" dowel. I was inspired after seeing the Buyer's Guide for Toy Wooden Railroads site.  On the page the author has pictures of the various methods of connecting track together, and one of the methods employed was a double male connector.


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Ben!!  The best site I have found for making Thomas the Train track and accessories.  Great ideas and helpful hints.

In your picture Percy has worked hard and is heading home.  Percy is on a wonderful "Turn Table" .  Do you have plans for it?  I would love to try and make one.




Dave McC

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Thanks Dave. That turn table is part of the original set of track that came with the train table ... I think it was Imaginarium brand, so I don't have any plans. I don't think it would be that hard to reproduce if you have a router with a circle cutting jig, make even just a jig saw if you're steady.

I'd first cut out an octogon (the straight edges will make it easier to route the tracks) the size of the turn table out of some 1/4" thick material, route all the tracks, then round it into a circle. Then I'd cut out the center. I'd use another 1/4" thick piece to make the center, start out square for routing the track, then make it into a circle that fits in the center of the first piece. Finally glue the outer ring to another 1/4" thick piece and attach the inner cirlce with some sort bolt or rivet through the center so it can spin.

I also have more train stuff on my new site: