Birdhouse Breaking and Entering

After a comment by Bill Fiegen about how perches are dangerous to nesting birds, I went outside to take a look at the birdhouse I built with my daughter.  If it was unoccupied I was going to take it in and cut off the perch.  To my surprise it looked like something had tried to eat it's way into the birdhouse.

I checked inside to see whether there were feathers or nesting material, signs a bird had taken up residence, but luckily I found nothing but some cedar dust.

I wonder why whatever made the hole was trying to get in.  I can't imagine that it was a predator looking for a meal, they wouldn't have bothered if no birds were living in there.  If I had to guess I would say either a squirrel was looking for a place to live, or a woodpecker had decided it liked the taste of cedar, because there sure wouldn't be any bugs in fresh kiln dried cedar.

Does anybody have a better guess?

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Almost surely a squirrel.