Applying a Finish

I took the car apart again and sanded all the surfaces to 220 grit. I had decided to try using butcher block oil (mineral oil) as a finish because it was food and kid safe. I've since learned after talking to one of the salesmen at Rockler (and following up with my own research on the web) that just about all finishes are food and child safe once they've finished curing. Of course this can take up to two months.

To apply the mineral oil I poured some on a rag and rubbed it into all the surfaces of the car. I kept rubbing until the wood wouldn't take any more oil. Then I left it sit for 15 minutes and rubbed it off with a clean rag. The surface to the car still felt oily, something I had been afraid of since when have you ever touched a butcher block that didn't feel oily. So I experimented by blowing hot air over the car to see if it would absorb the oil faster.

Whether the hot air helped or not, after a day the car didn't feel very oily any more.