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Improved Miter Gauge in Action

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Here's a short video I made to demonstrate the improvements I made to my table saw miter gauge. In the first half I explain about adding the ball plungers, the auxiliary fence, and the stop block. Then I set up the miter gauge to cut a 45º chamfer on the wooden track supports I'm working on. Finally I perform the cut a few times.

Notice that I shut the saw off each time after I make the cut and let it run down completely. I'll be writing a post on why this is important soon.

Tools: table saw

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Blocks and Marbles Set in Action

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I've completed all the machining operations on my block and marble set including relieving all the edges with a chamfering bit. Now I just have to sand and finish the set, which is going to take me a while. I experimented with a few pieces and just to hand sand one piece to a finished grade took me about 10 minutes. Multiply that by 24. I'm sure I'll get more proficient as I do more pieces, but still that's a lot of time.

Being the big kid that I am, I couldn't wait that long. I had to play with the set for a while. You'll notice in the video that the balls can get stuck on the bottom track. I'm not sure if it is slowing down due to imperfections in the finish of the track, fuzz on the blocks, or some other reason. Maybe I should have made the spacer blocks slightly taller to impart a gentle slope. Well have to see how well the set performs after I've applied a finish.

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Using the Miter Sled

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In the video, I use the miter sled to crosscut the Honduran Mahogany into blocks. While the sled worked well, I wasn't pleased at how close my fingers came to the blade in the second and third cuts. Even thought the sled rides on rails, my hands were gripping the fence, and I was constantly aware of the locations of all my fingers, it was still just on the edge of my comfort zone and not a very good example of shop safety. Read more »

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