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Notes from the Workshop: 20110123

It's -8ºF outside and 50ºF in the shop right now. I've opened the door and vents in the shop, so while I am waiting for the furnace to to do it's job, I figured I'd bang out a post.

Table Saw Inserts

As you may have seen on Toolmonger, I bought a Freud Dado blade set with the gift cards I received for Christmas. In order to the blade safely, I needed to make some more zero clearance throat plates. Read more »

Tools: Forstner, laminate trimming bit, router, table saw

Tags: notes, Toolmonger

Materials: carpet tape, Goo Gone

Notes from the Workshop: 20101116

Another two hours of work this morning and I've got all the mahogany blocks sanded to 220 grit.  I haven't even started on the bloodwood tracks yet!  

Sanding Station

To try and reduce the amount of dust I breathed and spread around my shop, I worked in front of one of my box fans pulling air through a furnace filter.  You wonder if this setup is effective?  Just look at the difference between the clean corners and the dust filled middle.

I'm kicking myself for not picking up that small Harbor Freight downdraft table when it was on clearance.  Now I'm seriously thinking about building one for a project.  It's just that when you're not sanding, you forget about how bad the dust gets until you have to sand another project. Read more »

Tags: 3M, filter, Norton, notes, sanding, Toolmonger

Materials: mahogany, sandpaper