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The Danger of Inattention at the Table Saw

Last week I set up the miter gauge on my table saw to perform the repetitive operation of cutting the corners off 10 blocks of wood. I had been turning off the saw, letting it stop between each operation, and pushing the miter gauge back to the front of the saw. Then I would unclamp the block and turn it end for end or clamp a new block to the miter gauge. The setup worked well and I was about half done when I noticed I had to pick up my son in about 20 minutes. Of course I wanted to finish the job before I left the shop. Read more »

Tools: table saw

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Improved Miter Gauge in Action

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Here's a short video I made to demonstrate the improvements I made to my table saw miter gauge. In the first half I explain about adding the ball plungers, the auxiliary fence, and the stop block. Then I set up the miter gauge to cut a 45º chamfer on the wooden track supports I'm working on. Finally I perform the cut a few times.

Notice that I shut the saw off each time after I make the cut and let it run down completely. I'll be writing a post on why this is important soon.

Tools: table saw

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Notes from the Workshop: 20110112

Fixing the Miter Slot on my Router Table

My router table originally came with a crappy little miter gauge that rode in a shallow miter slot.  I wanted to be able to use a decent miter gauge with the table, but that meant deepening the miter slot. Read more »

Tools: router, router table

Tags: miter gauge, miter slot, notes

Miter Gauge Upgrade

Even though I built a miter sled, there are some operation that are easier with a good miter gauge. Plus a miter gauge can be used on more than just your table saw, it can be used on your router table, bandsaw table, and probably others. Read more »

Tools: micro-mill, router table, table saw

Tags: miter gauge, T-slot

Materials: ball plunger