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Miter Gauge Upgrade

Even though I built a miter sled, there are some operation that are easier with a good miter gauge. Plus a miter gauge can be used on more than just your table saw, it can be used on your router table, bandsaw table, and probably others. Read more »

Tools: micro-mill, router table, table saw

Tags: miter gauge, T-slot

Materials: ball plunger

Notes from the Workshop: 20110107

Wow, it's been a week since I've posted anything.  Christmas really disrupts the old household -- I think I spent over two hours pulling toys out of packages and trying to sort out the garbage from the recycling, which delayed other household chores, which seriously cut into my shop time.  Aside from that carnage, I wasn't feeling well again this last week.

Fixing My Drill Press Table

I had previously mentioned in my post Drilling Straight is Hard to Do that the insert on my drill press table wasn't sitting flush and one reason might be a slight gap between the two pieces of MDF that make up the table surface.  To close the gap, I drilled eight drilled pilot holes and counter bores for the 1-1/4" pan-head cabinet screws around the perimeter of the insert opening. Read more »

Tools: drill press, micro-mill, vise

Tags: notes