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Drilling Straight is Hard to Do

I've been obsessed today trying to figure out why I can't drill a straight hole into the end of a one inch dowel.  This isn't the first time I've noticed this problem.  I've been working on wooden track risers and I've been able to drill straight into the face grain of the base and tops, but when it comes to the columns, whether it's dowel or 2" square stock, I just can't drill a straight hole in the end grain. Read more »

Tools: drill press, miter saw

Tags: end grain

Materials: dowel, hard board

Notes From the Workshop: 20101109

End Grain Burn

Even though, the mahogany fuzzed quite a bit when machining, at least it didn't burn, that is until I tried routing the end grain.  Yeah you can burn just about any wood, but some woods are more prone than others.  Evidently end grain mahogany falls into the former category.  I ended up turning down the router speed to about 1/3 of full.   In the above picture, the block on the left was run though at full speed and the block on the right at the reduced speed.  There's still a bit of burn, but at least it's something that a light tough of sanding should take care of. Read more »

Tools: Handi-Clamp, router

Tags: burning, end grain, Irwin, notes

Materials: bloodwood, mahogany, tung oil