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Wooden Hinges

I've been experimenting making wooden hinges. I have a few projects I've been thinking about that might use them. One is a drawbridge for my son's wooden track and the other is another decorative box.

On my first attempt I used some 1/2" aspen scraps. I started out modestly with only a single wide finger. Marking the locations of the finger on the two pieces, I clamped them together and used my pull saw to make the vertical cuts. Then I cleaned out the spaces where the fingers would mate with a chisel. Read more »

Tools: hand saw, router table

Tags: box joint, Hinge

Materials: aspen, maple

Decorative Box: My First Attempt at Box Joints

It's funny, the day that I'm going to post about the decorative box I just made, Tom Iovino over at Tom's Workbench wrote a post about why you should make a decorative box. OK, so there are tons of woodworking blogs and other sites on the net and many of them make projects like decorative boxes, so it really isn't that surprising.

I decided to make the box about a week ago. Buoyed by my success at the pencil box, I wanted to experiment with some more joinery. This time I chose box joints. I didn't start out with any plans or even a rough sketch, my only requirement was that I the depth of the box couldn't be any wider that the 1/4" and 1/2" maple I had on hand. I just chose a length that looked proportional. Read more »

Tools: router

Tags: box joint

Materials: maple, tung oil