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Wooden Hinges

I've been experimenting making wooden hinges. I have a few projects I've been thinking about that might use them. One is a drawbridge for my son's wooden track and the other is another decorative box.

On my first attempt I used some 1/2" aspen scraps. I started out modestly with only a single wide finger. Marking the locations of the finger on the two pieces, I clamped them together and used my pull saw to make the vertical cuts. Then I cleaned out the spaces where the fingers would mate with a chisel. Read more »

Tools: hand saw, router table

Tags: box joint, Hinge

Materials: aspen, maple

Working with Mahogany

When I first picked up a blank of Honduran Mahogany, I noticed it was very light for its size. I wasn't thinking about its density or hardness when I choose it though, I liked it's rich tan color and straight grain.  I thought mahogany blocks would be a a good contrast to the bloodwood I was going to use for the tracks.  What I wasn't expecting was that it would be a challenge to work with.  The closest wood I can think of that it works like is aspen.  The wood is very consistent and straight grained; it holds crisp edges when machined, but it frizzes easily.  When sanded it produces a really fine dust that likes to clump together, plus it's very light and gets into the air.  I'd recommend air filtration and a dust mask; dust collection when using power tools would definitely help too. Read more »

Tools: scraper

Tags: sanding

Materials: aspen, mahogany